India: Aggressive monkeys abduct human babies, kill adults

Monkeys in Agra kill babies and even adults - Image credit - planetarybalance| Instagram
Monkeys in Agra kill babies and even adults - Image credit - planetarybalance| Instagram

Tourists to India love seeing the monkeys, but the reality for locals means children and adults die amid calls to unprotect them.

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India is well known by tourists who love to see the many monkeys. However, the monkeys become aggressive and have been known to abduct and even kill human infants. According to the BBC, after a recent incident that resulted in the death of a baby, people are fed up. Reuters quoted Shravan Kumar Singh, who said that angry people want to see environmental protection lifted from the monkeys. The horror and heartbreak happened on more than several occasions when monkeys attacked human babies in India. The monkeys don't only kill kids, as a woman was attacked and she died this month as well.


Monkey kills newborn in Agra, India - November 2018

The most recent attack by a monkey resulted in the death of a newborn baby. BBC reported that in Agra, India, a monkey entered the home where a woman was breastfeeding her baby. Snatching the baby away, the moneky bit the baby boy, climbed the roof and threw the baby away. Later, the child died in hospital. The news outlet said a relative complained that "monkey attacks in the area are growing more frequent."


Police hunt for baby-snatching monkey in April, 2018

In April, police carried out a search to apprehend a monkey who snatched a child from another home. The mother witnessed the incident and a search revealed the body of the child the next day. It had been tossed down a well. BBC wrote, the chld apparently died "of asphyxia due to drowning." You can see in the video below how aggressive monkeys in India can be.

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