Donald Trump came to power with a surprise win over Hillary Clinton. Many were stunned with the victory by Trump, but soon many opined that perhaps it had something to do with a Russian intervention in favor of Trump. Matters have not been helped by a statement from Putin that though they had not interfered in the presidential election, yet, they favored Trump over Hillary. Much water has flown down the river and now a congressional investigation is on to investigate culpability in this Russian connection. Robert Mueller is heading this investigation and now he has requested a face to face questioning of the president.

Fox News has reported that Donald Trump’s team of lawyers, led by Rudy Giuliani, has officially rejected an offer of an interview between Robert Mueller and the president.

Interviewing Trump

There is very little chance of the president appearing for an interview in the near future. It's almost like a coup against Mueller. Giuliani later called on Mueller to end the entire investigation. Trump, for a long time, has been railing against the investigation as a "witch hunt." Now, midterm polls are approaching, and Trump just cannot allow Mueller to have an upper hand. There is no way the president can be compelled to attend the interview in case he refuses. This is despite frequently stating to the media that he welcomes the opportunity to meet with Mueller.


CNN has reported that the only way out, if Trump, who will likely invite Putin to Washington, continues to dodge the interview, is to subpoena him. This is easier said than done, as against a determined president, the matter could go to the Supreme Court. There are many who feel that a president, while in office. should not be questioned.

This could overshadow the coming confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, who is Trump's latest nominee for a spot on the Supreme Court. He has already argued that the president should not be questioned while he is in office. Mueller is not likely to get a cake walk.


Donald Trump has, for a long time, railed against Mueller. The two are heading for a showdown and there is every chance that supporters of Trump, who read the riot act to NATO allies at Brussels, will rally to him in case anything happens that will affect his presidency.

There are many opponents of Trump within the GOP. These are people who feel upstaged by his surprise victory and they will be hoping that a rabbit comes out of the hat and Trump can be shown the door. But it's not likely.