5 things to know about Warframe's new expansion, Fortuna

The Fortuna update is one of the biggest expansions that Warframe has added to its arsenal yet.

Fortuna comes to "Warframe" this week and there's plenty you should know about the game before you decide to dive in. Check out the Top 5 tidbits.


It's a massive open world

"Warframe" is going to be adding a rather large open world setting on the planet Venus. The location, where you can do all sorts of things, is called Orb Vallis.


You'll have all kinds of activities to do

Not only will you be able to battle other space ninjas, but you'll also be able to surf on K-boards in this new massive area.


Hunt and tame animals

There are going to be some rather interesting animals in Orb Vallis. You'll be able to hunt and tame them.


New Warframe

Alongside the new open map is a brand new kind of Warframe. Garuda is a character that can steal blood and turn that into damage. She can also rip enemies in half.


Still entirely free

Just like everything else in "Warframe," this addition to the base game is entirely free. There are certainly things you can buy, but you can enjoy it plenty without spending a dime.

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