5 holidays that fall on November 23

Black Friday always come the day after Thanksgiving but not always on November 23. There are some holidays which fall on this date annually.

This year, November 23 is known as Black Friday. It always comes the day after Thanksgiving. In other words, it doesn't always fall on this date. There are some holidays that are specifically marked for November 23 people should know more about.


Doctor Who Day

November 23, 1963 was the beginning of one of the most popular science fiction programs in the world.


Eat a cranberry day

This year, you might have had your fill on cranberries on November 23, but have just one more to honor the day.


National Espresso day

Maybe you had a long night of gorging on turkey and stuffing. Maybe you were up late watching football. Whatever the reason, an Espresso probably sounds pretty good on the morning of November 23.


National cashew day

You might not be looking for a full meal after Thanksgiving day, but you can certainly squeeze in a protein rich snack of cashews.


Fibonacci Day

In order to know why this is Fibonacci day, you need to do a little research. But make sure you don't go down the rabbit hole.

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