5 coaches who could replace David Beaty at Kansas

Beaty was fired by the Jayhawks after yet another bad loss in a string of bad losses during his coaching career.

Now that Kansas has officially moved on from David Beaty, it's time to start looking at who might move into Lawrence to replace him. Some of the names being floated around are likely to be nothing more than wishful thinking, while others could be real chance picks.


Les Miles (formerly LSU)

Miles is definitely wanting to get back into coaching after being fired by LSU, a few years back. The big question is whether he's looking to take any job, or will attempt to be choosier than a perennial loser.


Seth Littrell (North Texas)

The North Texas head coach is considered an up-and-comer. The Mean Green used to be one of the worst programs in the country. These days, they are perennially going to bowls,and are 7-2 this year. Kansas would be a step up in level, but he might hold out for a better offer, as well.


Troy Calhoun (Air Force)

The Air Force coach usually has the team pretty competitive, but he's probably hit his ceiling there. The Falcons are just 3-6 this year, so if Kansas wants to lure him away, this would be the time.


Bret Bielema (Formerly Arkansas)

Fired by Arkansas, last year, he is currently a consultant with the New England Patriots. It's a certainty he wants back into the coaching ranks. Would he take a job at Kansas? Probably. He used to be an assistant at Kansas State.


Bo Pelini (Youngstown State)

If the former Nebraska football head coach is going to ever get a big time job again, he's going to have to work his way back up. The problem, is that he is currently 3-6 at Youngstown State, this season. His name is one Kansas fans would remember, but there's no indication he knows how to build a program.

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