WWE superstars react to Roman Reigns' leukemia fight

On Monday's 'Raw,' Roman Reigns announced his leukemia was back and he was relinquishing his title. The October 22 announcement was a big one.

Shocking and heartbreaking news arrived on Monday's episode of "WWE Raw." Roman Reigns (Joe Anoa'i) announced that leukemia he'd previously beat into remission, years ago, has returned. With that, he also informed everyone he'd be stepping away from the ring to be with his family as he fights this battle. He also surrendered the WWE Universal Championship. Here are some of the supportive reactions from Reigns' WWE superstar colleagues.


Matt Hardy (N/A)

Hardy has been a part of the business for quite some time, and knows how much it takes. He recently had to retire due to his own injury, so based on his message, he knows a lot about the difficulty in stepping away.


Mike Kanellis (205 Live)

Kanellis recently made his debut on 205 Live with Maria Kanellis. He summed up a lot of people's thoughts. He describes Roman's overall attitude, and how his peers view him in the locker room.


Sami Zayn ('Raw')

Even though he plays a heel regularly, Zayn can also step out of character. He wished his colleague all the best in beating leukemia this second time around.


Johnny Gargano (NXT)

In NXT, Gargano regularly took on the role of the underdog. His sentiments toward Reigns reflect how much of a superhero Gargano sees his colleague as.


Karl Anderson ('SmackDown Live')

Anderson has had several in-ring confrontations with Roman. He also knows him quite well backstage. His tweet in support of the former Universal Champion probably reflects what most of the locker room feels with regard to the news.

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