Twitter reacts to it being National Nut Day

A photo of nuts. - [National Awareness Days / YouTube screencap]
A photo of nuts. - [National Awareness Days / YouTube screencap]

There were quite a few interesting reactions to what is one heck of a double entendre day.

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There may not be anything Twitter users like more than when they get a day that allows them to have as much fun as something called National Nut Day. Below are the best reactions to this double entendre day.


Probably didn't mean that kind of nut.

I like the use of nut here, but also like the look on Kanye's face.


Cute overload!

This user managed to diffuse what could have been a nasty double entendre with a cuteness bomb.


Silence is golden

This might be the best use of Kermit drinking tea social media has ever seen.

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