Top 5 movies at the box office for first weekend of October

A brand new sort of superhero film ruled the box office with other movies trying to compete.


'Venom' - $80.2 million

The new Tom Hardy anti-hero flick by Sony is entertaining audiences everywhere. In the US the Marvel Comics-based film broke the October opening weekend by $20 million! It's expected to continue the dominance, at least for a few weeks, en route to more money at theaters.


'A Star Is Born' - $42.9 million

This is the fourth version of this particular film and considered one of the best in terms of critical acclaim. It stars singer Lady Gaga, alongside Bradley Cooper, who also makes his directorial debut. Expect it to have a good run at the box office based on award season chatter.


'Smallfoot' - $14.4 million

The animated adventure, about a Yeti who sets out to see if humans exist, is continuing to do well in theaters. This movie features a number of star voice actors, ranging from Channing Tatum to LeBron James and Zendaya.

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