Vogue Magazine set out to create a look that was a throwback to Edwardian days when it was fashionable for women to wear their hair in the Gibson Girl style. Many people were quick to state that something was seriously amiss and offensive with the photos of model Kendall Jenner.

Her hair was styled in an updo that reminded many people of an afro. Maiysha Kai is the managing editor for The Glow Up, published by The Root. In an article that was shared on October 24, she rather thoroughly delineates the reason why many people were mistaken in their belief that Jenner was following in her older sister Kim Kardashian-West’s footsteps, who has been accused of cultural appropriation in the past.

Vogue stirred controversy with photos of Jenner

For so many people to mistake the updo that Jenner is sporting for Vogue, though, it seems that the crux of the problem really does fall on the magazine, which has since offered an explanation, along with an apology. Vogue posted the photos to its Instagram account on October 19. Nearly 300,000 people have liked the mainstay photo that has generated so much controversy.

The Huffington Post reported on October 23 that its publication sought a reply from Vogue about the much-talked-about photos, but received no reply. The quickest way to have cleared misconception would have been for the magazine to make a statement. Was it that there was confusion at the publication’s helm in how to address the controversy, or, possibly, was the plan to kick back while the photos of Jenner stirred more attention and the magazine’s name made press as free advertising?

Model’s hair, magazine’s apology teased-out

Vogue stated that Jenner’s look is supposed to evoke, not only the Gibson Girl hairstyle but also be reminiscent of the big hair days familiar in the 60s and 70s, USA Today pointed out. Jenner’s hair – whether natural or a wig – does seem to have been “teased-out,” like Vogue’s explanation and apology for “offense” the publication created.


Colossal flop having photos explain themselves

When a person or an entity discovers that people expect answers, offering insight on how or why a decision was reached needs to be made. The lack often indicates that the choice leading to the demand was a colossal flop. Critics of the photos saw the images as relative to past controversies brought to the public’s attention by Jenner-Kardashian family members.

People are not at fault for arriving at the conclusion that, yet, another controversy surfaced involving one of them.

Controversy is nothing new for famous family

Let’s face it: the Kardashian-Jenner family has made some pretty major choices that made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Most of the members made media by being at the center of the drama. Vogue was right to apologize. It created an impression, allowed it to sustain and build, and, finally, decided to acknowledge that its photos were not a positive sensation.

In fairness to Jenner, and to Vogue, there are also many people who did not find the images offensive. Whether people objected or not, there are probably as many people who felt insulted. The images were viewed in reference, not indifference, to the cultural insensitivity of the past.

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