Fast food giant McDonald's has inferred that they will no longer offer the Happy Meal as a Value Menu item. The kid's meal was originally added to the Value Menu in January, making it available for $3. Happy Meals are now expected to see a 25 percent rise in price, in some markets. A local McDonald's in Los Angeles is now offering the Happy Meal for $3.99. However, McDonald's has said that the meal could still be available cheaper in different markets. St. Louis locations are still selling the meal at $3.

McDonald's has told the media that the "$1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu" was intended to bring in customers and help save them money, while also rotating menu items over time.

Items on the Value Menu can vary from location to location, depending on the customer's needs. All these changes come as McDonald's announced that they will no longer give customers plastic straws.

Happy Meal change not supported by parents

According to Comic Book, the announcement unsurprisingly was not supported by parents who have relied on the cheap $3 price tag for the kid's meal. However, it was a surprise to McDonald's itself that the menu item made it onto the Value Menu at all. Its addition to the Value Menu made it the first time that Happy Meals were added to a national deal menu.

This is not the first time Happy Meals have been changed. McDonald's recently removed cheeseburgers from the Happy Meals, with the goal of reducing the meal's calorie count, saturated fat, and sodium content.

Right now, customers can choose between a hamburger, four-piece, and six-piece Chicken McNuggets. McDonald's still continues to tweak its menu options.

McDonald's attempting to fight competition

McDonald's CFO Kevin Ozan told Food and Wine that the company was aware that they were facing strong competition from all sides and needed to become more aggressive.

Ozan says they are becoming more aggressive through the use of the Dollar Menu, which has improved sales and driven up guest counts. Not everyone is happy about this decision. Some on social media have aired their frustration through Twitter, using the hashtag #NotAsHappyMeals.

McDonald’s recently announced improvements to some of its meat products.

McDonald's has been looking at make changes across the board for several months now since last year when they faced declining sales.

Last month, McDonald's revealed that the burgers will be free from artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. This change comes as nutritionists continue to point out how unhealthy it is to eat at McDonald's. While people may be frustrated with this move, McDonald's is attempting to win back their support by announcing that the McRib is coming back to 9,000 locations across the country. McDonald's even has an app customers can use to find a McRib that is close to them.