Halloween 2018 Movie: 5 Easter eggs you may have missed in the new film

Moviegoers may not have realized some of the things that appeared before them on the screen.

Just last week, Michael Myers returned to the big screen to terrorize audiences in "Halloween 2018." The sequel to the 1978 horror classic contains a number of Easter eggs too. Below are five you may have missed when you were watching the new film.


Two Michael Myers actors needed

The original Michael Myers, in the 1978 film, was played by Nick Castle. He returned for the new film, and was seen in several scenes, including the "mask off" shots. However, actor James Jude Courtney handled the scenes with more physical work involved.


'Season of the Witch' tribute

The new Halloween film is considered a direct sequel to the original, which means it ignores all the others. However, it still pays homage through some Easter eggs. In one scene in the new movie, kids are dressed up in costumes with masks that are a skeleton, pumpkin, and witch. These are nods to "Halloween III: Season of the Witch," a cult classic.


Classroom throwback scene

In the original film, Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode is sitting in a classroom learning about fate. In the new film, Allyson is learning about fate, but with a different author discussed. She's also in a similar seating position to how Strode was in for the original film.


Michael's fate after first film

In the new film, viewers are led to believe that Michael Myers was captured and taken to a high security prison. This was never alluded to at the end of the original "Halloween." Myers simply escaped, despite being injured. That means, that somehow, Myers was captured, and the audience has no idea about how it happened.


Disappearing act (spoiler)

For those who haven't seen the movie this is a bit of a spoiler. In the new film, Michael and Laurie are engaged in a major fight in her home. She ends up falling out the window to the ground below. Myers turns his head for a moment, and when he looks back, Laurie is gone. That's a throwback to what happened in the original film, but the roles were reversed.

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