The concluding episode of 12-part podcast documentary “Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood” culminated with the late Oscar-winning actress’ sister, Lana Wood, confronting actor Robert “RJ” Wagner, US Weekly reported. As well, Los Angeles Homicide Detective Ralph Hernandez stated during the closing episode that only Wagner can solve Wood’s death, according to Fox News.

Backstory of actress drowning while on holiday yacht excursion

The now-acclaimed audio documentary launched on iTunes on what would have been Wood’s 80th birthday on July 20, Fox noted.

Wood, who had starring roles in “Splendor in the Grass,” “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” and “Gypsy,” was on a post-Thanksgiving holiday yachting excursion off the coast of California scene Santa Catalina Island in 1981 when she reportedly drowned. Details about how the actress ended up in the water where her and Wagner’s yacht was moored are not known.

Actor Christopher Walken cooperates with detectives

Wood was on the Splendour, the yacht belonging to her and Wager, along with the captain, Dennis Davern, and actor Christopher Walken. She and Walken were co-starring in the movie “Brainstorm” that was in-progress at the time of her death.

The yacht was moored near Santa Catalina. Initial reports to authorities indicated that Walken was asleep when Wood disappeared from the Splendour.

Couple argued before actress disappeared and drowned

The married couple, however, had an argument on the fateful night, during which Wagner contends that he allegedly broke a bottle.

At some point, Wood was believed to have tried boarding a dinghy off of the yacht’s swim deck, lost her footing, was adrift in the waters near the island, and drowned.

Wood was missing from the boat at night but no search until daybreak

Though Wagner and Davern, the captain, knew that Wood was missing from aboard the Splendour, they did not search for her or summon the harbor master for several hours.

A witness, who was on a different boat with her son and a friend reported to authorities that a woman in the water and was heard screaming. Once a search for Wood commenced after daybreak, it did not take long for her body to be found.

Wagner is not cooperating, refusing interview with detectives

Wagner was interviewed about Wood’s death but once the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department announced that the agency was reopening her drowning death in 2011, calling it suspicious, and named Wagner as a person of interest in 2018, the actor has refused to grant homicide detectives a much-wanted, additional interview. Walken, on the other hand, has cooperated fully, granting detectives a more recent interview.

Detectives find two new witnesses

Two additional witnesses were located by detectives. They have not been identified. Both have also avoided placing themselves in the public spotlight. The witnesses’ account of the night Wood drowned corroborates details previously attained by law enforcement. Detectives have not disclosed anything specific, aside from saying the witnesses relayed that Wagner and Wood had an argument.

Detective Hernandez stated that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has “a lot of evidence” that points to “the possibility of foul play,” Fox reported.

Hernandez, who is on the investigative team, told podcast listeners that officers have evidence leading to when Wagner and Wood argued at the rear of the yacht.

The investigative team is lacking the evidence that explains how the actress “ended up in the water.” As long as Wagner is not cooperating with detectives and refuses to be interviewed, the mystery of Wood’s death might remain unsolved.

Lana Wood confronted her former brother-in-law

Lana Wood, now 72, wants to know what happened to her sister all those decades ago. She has accused Wagner, along with former President Reagan, who was once an actor, of covering up the facts surrounding her sister’s death.

She claimed in an earlier podcast that Wagner was more concerned about his reputation in Hollywood than he was with finding her sister – before she reportedly drowned.

Lana and the boat’s captain, Davern, have also alleged that Wagner was responsible for his wife's death. She did not stop short of flat-out stating, “I firmly believe that Natalie’s death is a case of murder,” according to Fox. Davern did not leave Lana hanging her accusations on Wagner by herself. He concurred, saying, “I really do think RJ killed Natalie.”

Lana called and confronted Wagner during the finale of the podcast, focusing on her sister’s death. She asked the aging actor why he will not talk with the detectives in Los Angeles.

She even tries persuasion, stating, “They are super guys,” adding “clear yourself if you can,” US Weekly reported.

Wagner reminded his former sister-in-law, “You've accused me of murdering her.” He has continually denied any direct involvement in Wood’s death. Blasting News reported when Wagner’s representative stated that Lana and Davern were “despicable” for accusing him of having a role in Wood’s demise or a cover-up involving President Reagan.

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