5 hidden gem horror movies on Netflix

These movies stand out as some of the best sleeper picks for horror movies on Netflix.

If you are looking for a great spooky movie this Halloween season, check out these hidden gems on Netflix.


I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House

This is quite the haunted house story that manages to be quite a bit different than what you might have expected. It's told in a first person narrative and doesn't rely on scary noises to get your spooked.



This is a Netflix original that has gotten mixed reviews but has some good scares. There is also a couple of twists and turns that might catch you off guard. "Malevolent" features an American brother and sister that make their money conning Europeans out of their money by chasing off "ghosts" that aren't there. Their last job is a doozy though.


The Void (2016)

The Void starts off as a kind of mystery and then turns into a full on monster movie. Think "Phantoms" or "The Thing" though it's really neither of those.


Train to Busan

One of the big complaints when it comes to zombie movies is that it's hard to realize why you can't just run away from them. "Train to Busan" answers this question by putting the whole movie into a train. The South Korean movie centers around a mother and daughter who are trapped on a train as a zombie outbreak begins. Passengers must fight off the zombie horde while knowing they have precious little room to move.


The Invitation

This is a slow boil but once it gets going you're going to be glad you watched it. The story centers around a dinner party for old friends that has a sinister underpinning. The movie has one big AHA! moment you won't want to miss.

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