Walmart is set to deliver Oculus virtual reality headsets to all of its US stores, as part of a VR-based employee training system. The Verge reported that the company has said they will ship four headsets to each of its US Walmart Supercenters and two to each neighborhood market and discount store.

Walmart will begin shipping these headsets next month and Walmart has said that more than 17,000 headsets will be in stores by the end of this year. Walmart has been using VR in its Academy training centers, because of a partnership with Strivr, which has developed VR football training simulations.

Walmart VR exposes employees to certain scenarios before they happen in real life

Walmart's VR training program includes 45 modules that simulate events and training scenarios like a Black Friday shopping rush. The program also lets employees learn how to use their new technology including its "pickup towers." Walmart started its VR training program using the PC based Oculus Rift headsets, but will now use the $199 Oculus Go, which debuted earlier this year.

These training simulations are not overly complicated, they're made to give employees a sense of situations that can arise during actual work. VR simulations are common in many places, but Walmart is the largest company to make them a standard part of employee training.

Prior to massive deployment, Walmart and Strivr did a small pilot test of the VR training program. The Strivr software has been used in corporate academies and for training managers and executives.

Walmart is not a stranger to VR technology

According to Venture Beat, VR training has boosted confidence and retention and also improved test scores by 10 to 15 percent.

Walmart is using the VR platform to train employees on all aspects of store operations. The company first discussed this new use of VR at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. Walmart has even filed a patent for a virtual reality shopping experience.

Walmart is so interested in the technology, that their innovation lab bought out Spatialand, a VR content studio.

Walmart has tasked the studio with developing and exploring new products and ways to use VR through immersive retail experiences. Walmart plans to focus on three main areas with its VR training programs: new technologies, customer service, and compliance. This training could also include how to handle raging customers in their stores.

Oculus Go has developed an affordable and portable VR platform for companies looking to integrate into VR. The power of VR is real and can transform the way a company trains its staff.