Top 5 most popular Halloween candy for trick or treaters, non-chocolate edition

As October 31 approaches, here are non-chocolate candies that costumed visitors love to consume!


Skittles candies

Taste the rainbow! Skittles are sort of like an M&M alternative with no chocolate in them. These flavored little candies are particularly favored by trick or treaters in California, Hawaii, New Jersey, and South Carolina.


Starburst candy

These flavorful candies originated in 1960 in Britain as "Opal Fruit" candy. The've since become known as Starburst, with about 1.7 million pounds of them purchased for Halloween. New Hampshire and South Dakota seem to particularly love handing these out to trick or treaters each year.


Candy corn

You'd be hard-pressed to find a top five Halloween candy list that doesn't mention this classic. Some love them, others hate them. They've got the classic Halloween color with orange, yellow, and white stripes. There's also over 1.5 million pounds of Candy corn sold for the Oct. 31 holiday with Michigan, Nevada, and Idaho the three states that seem to buy the most.

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