Green Bay Packers vs Buffalo Bills: 5 things to watch for

The keys to the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Buffalo Bills include Josh Allen repeating his week 3 performance.


Can the Packers' offensive line stand up?

The Packers are allowing four sacks a game. When you're talking about a banged up Aaron Rodgers that's something that can't continue. Can they actually block against the Bills?


Can Aaron Jones finally get the rock?

Aaron Jones is easily the best running back on the Packers. Will they allow him to really cut it loose on Sunday? Aaron Rodgers certainly hopes so.


Can Josh Allen repeat his week 3 performance?

Josh Allen was 15-22 for 196 yards and a touchdown last week. His team won 27-6. Can he put up a similar performance against the Packers? If he does, the Bills could be tough to beat.


Micah Hyde could be game changer

Micah Hyde is one of the best defenders in the NFL. If he's able to have a game agaInst the Packers he might make things difficult for Aaron Rodgers.


Packers need a faster start

The Green Bay Packers have started off the game down big a couple of times this year. They were able to rally against the Bears. They were not against the Redskins. They're going to be looking for a better start this week. If they can't get it, the Bills will be looking to pull off their second straight upset over an NFC Central team.

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