Indonesia Palu: 7 photos and videos from the earthquake and tsunami Friday

Sulawesi island in Indonesia suffered a tsunami following a magnitude 7.5 earthquake Friday, over 800 people died.


A tsunami hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi Friday

The tsunami followed a 7.5-magnitude earthqake. Giant waves estimated at between 3m (10ft) to 6m (20ft) hit the town of Palu. Concern grows for another coastal town, Donggala. The BBC reported the waves were so strong, buildings were crushed by the force.


Indonesians ask for prayers

Indonesians asked for prayers on their posts. This image caption was translated to read, if you cannot help, then pray that the people have "fortitude."


People search the rubble for food and water

Asia News Stream reported that people search among the rubble for food and water, and reportedly, authorities won't prosecute those in search of nourishment. Bottled water is in short supply.


Volunteers hunt through debris for survivors

Act and other volunteers comb through the blocked streets for survivors. One man told the BBC he doesn't know where his wife and child are. He is one of many hoping for their family to be found alive.


Ships washed ashore in Palu

Satelite images showed ships washed ashore ended up amongst houses in Palu.

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