5 cool things about Logic's new YSIV album

Logic released a hot new album for hip-hop fans with plenty of great tracks to enjoy.


YSIV is a Young Sinatra album

This new album, "YSIV," is a Logic album, but it's under his moniker "Young Sinatra." It's the fourth such album under that moniker (hence the IV) and rumored to be his final one, under that moniker. The album cover itself shows off a famous mugshot Frank Sinatra. Logic's mugshot is fake, of course.


'Wu-Tang Forever' song assembles original Wu members

That's right, every original member of Wu-Tang Clan, minus ODB, shows up for this one. It's an eight-minute banger, featuring standout lyrics from everyone from Ghostface to INS to Genius, Meth, and Raekwon. Logic described asking RZA over the phone how to get them to drop lyrics and was told, "All you gotta do is ask baby!"


Logic pays homage to Nas' classic

The album's title track, "YSIV," immediately brings hip-hop heads back to a Nas "Illmatic" joint. "Life's a B——h" is the theme for this one, and, believe it or not, Nasir Jones is credited as a writer for the track. It features the same AZ hook as Nas' original, but with new Logic lyrics sprinkled in. He also name drops Nas, Tribe, Roots, BIG, and 2Pac, and gives a shout to the late Mac Miller.


Hailee Steinfeld, Jaden Smith drop by

The two 20-something stars each lend something to a track on Logic's new LP. Steinfeld appears as a singer on "Ordinary Day," while Will Smith's son appears on "ICONIC." Not a bad marketing move for either star, with Steinfeld's "Bumble Bee" trailer making the rounds and Jaden trying to have his breakout hip-hop album or song.


Last Call is Logic's last call homage

Logic mentions, on this grand finale track, that he loved it when Kanye West did the last call track "Family Affair" to close out his debut LP, "The College Dropout." He also brings up J. Cole doing the same on "The Warmup," and says this will serve as his last call story he always wanted to do. It's a nearly 11-minute journey into Logic's background that closes things out on a strong note.

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