Best memes on Twitter in honor of National Coffee Day

There are few holidays that get people more hyped up and excited than National Coffee Day.


Who gets enough sleep?

This one is all about the people who need coffee in order to feel right in the morning. So do all of us.


Coffee is loved by all creatures

This chart is very helpful when you're trying to decide what kind of coffee to have today.


No, it really isn't

This is exactly how I feel whenever I order coffee at a restaurant and they ask whether I want regular or decaf.


Busy day for Barbie

Yes, even Millennial Barbie needs he cup of coffee.


This is all of us

Is being late because you got coffee really being late?


I'll have what she's having

Tell me you haven't been in this situation from time to time.


Friendly coffee is the best coffee

If you think your coffee is winking at you, you probably need more coffee.


Janeway knows

When you're going where no one else has gone, you still need coffee to make sure you're alert.

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