Tipp City in Ohio is close to Dayton. It's not a giant metropolis but grew into an area where light manufacturing and small businesses support the community. Travelers encounter the town when traversing along the I-75. According to the Dayton Daily News, one employee at a local business wanted a day off. So, what better way than to make a bomb threat? In these days of terror and violence, it hardly seems like the brightest idea of the week, and it was the downfall of a temporary worker.

Bomb hoax lands woman in court

The news outlet reported the incident happened in July but Haley Soper, 26, recently got a summons to appear in the Miami County Municipal Court on Tuesday, August 28.

Incredibly, Soper admitted quite openly that she woke up on a Tuesday and decided that going to work was off the must-do list for the day. Tipp City police noted that she decided to just write out a bomb threat note and deliver it to the company where she was working as a temp.

Proto Plastics on Park Avenue officials got a big fright when the envelope was opened. As Soper seems amazed that there was such a big reaction to the threat of a bomb, one wonders if she would have ever made the permanent roster in the long run. The police report noted that "she had no idea it would result in the response that was gathered that morning.”

Bomb squad, emergency services, and evacuations

It seems that the temporary employee who made a false bomb threat was taken aback when emergency services turned out in force.

Police, emergency medical workers and firefighters arrived. They remained vigilant as employees were evacuated so the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Bomb Squad could search for the explosives. Luckily nothing was found -- Soper knew that would be the outcome -- and workers were allowed back in before midday.

It didn't take long for Soper to tell the police she was sorry for what she did, and she asked them to apologize to her co-workers and the owners of the company.

Proto Plastics President, Tom Gagnon, said they had never had an incident of this nature in 35 years.

Company health and safety comes first in Tipp City's Proto Plastics

Perhaps because the woman only worked for five weeks at the company, she was not aware that they take company safety and security very seriously at Proto Plastics.

The company production manager said that they could not afford to endanger their workers, so they went straight into evacuation mode and called the incident in.

Soper will now have to go to court as it's standard procedure to prosecute for hoax threats of a bomb nature. She will face misdemeanor charges, Dayton Daily News reported. What do you think of the woman who wanted a day off, so she sent in a bomb threat? Do you think there have got to be easier ways to get out of work? Stay in touch with odd and interesting news by following the Blasting Pop Curiosities Channel.