Former-president Barack Obama recently celebrated his 57th birthday with his wife Michelle and a group of select friends. The venue they selected was The Cardboard Box restaurant in Oak Bluffs located at Martha's Vineyard. The former president has a special rapport with everyday people and is always a big draw with the people. Therefore, their appearance brought crowds onto the streets.

Daily Mail UK reports that the Obamas dined at a restaurant in Martha's Vineyard. The restaurant is owned by Ben DeForest and he posted a video showing the crowds of people who greeted the visitors.

Barack Obama, for his part, acknowledged their greetings and waved back as he and Michelle walked towards their cars.

The Obamas love Martha's Vineyard

Ben DeForest holds Barack Obama in high esteem. As reported in Daily Mail UK, while interacting with a media outlet. the Boston Globe, he said that the Obamas are regular visitors to the Red Cat Kitchen which is an older restaurant in Martha's Vineyard. This time, they chose The Cardboard Box which is a new food outlet situated on Circuit Ave. Ben expressed his feelings by saying that "Circuit Ave hasn't looked this full in YEARS!

There's something very special about that energy."

The immense popularity of Barack Obama, the president who served for two terms, continues to be on a high, even though he has been out of office for more than a year. The reception he received in Martha's Vineyard has been likened to the reception that the Beatles used to get in their heyday.

A special occasion for Martha's Vineyard

According to Mass Live, as news spread about the arrival of Barack Obama and Michelle, people gathered in thousands and took up vantage positions near the eatery. They wanted to get a glimpse of the former president and first lady who have always been popular guests. Ben DeForest, the owner of the eatery, described the scene as the craziest he had seen in the area for a long time.

After the Obamas dined at The Cardboard Box, its owner confirmed that they had a "full dinner." They are frequent visitors to Martha's Vineyard and used to drop in during summer when he was the president. Like any other person, he made use of these breaks to unwind and recharge his batteries. This time around he and Michelle could remain on the island for the entire month of August.

The famous couple went to Hawaii earlier. It is nice they can get a break as it won't be all relaxation in the future. Barack Obama has already been contracted by Netflix to make TV programs and also by Penguin to pen his memoirs. He will probably devote his time to working on these projects.