Netflix's Director of Product Innovation, Stephen Garcia announced that the streaming giant is delivering a major overhaul of their TV apps. The intention of the overhaul is to make it easier to find titles on Netflix. According to The Verge, the global rollout began on Wednesday. This update applies to all Netflix based apps.

The Verge noted that the main part of the overhaul includes "a new sidebar on the left" that adds "separate sections for Search, Home, (TV shows), Movies, My List, and New."

The sidebar now makes it easier to find the content you want to watch.

Netflix released the announcement in a blog post, where they highlighted that their research has revealed to them that a subscriber may not know what specific title they want to watch, they usually do know whether they want a quick TV episode or a long movie experience.

Netflix focusing on improving usability

Variety has reported that the redesign was built to improve content access since navigation can be more difficult when you are restricted to a few buttons on a remote control. Subscribers have been complaining about the app's design for years. The overhaul also includes a new section for "new content." Garcia also said that moving forward, Netflix will continue to learn from their subscribers and evolve the TV experience, to make it even easier and fun to use.

As the new overhaul takes effect, one of the most noticeable changes is the focus on Netflix Originals. The list of originals has taken center stage, while the movies instead advertise adventure movies. Another key addition to the user interface is the "what's new" section. It's become a welcomed addition to mobile users. Some users speculate that the new addition will replace the trailers of each film with only showcasing highlights.

Netflix's rollout is similar to the layout of Google Play Movies & TV.

Netflix rollout will take time to reach everyone

No need to worry if your Netflix app does not have the new interface. Netflix warned that, while the rollout began Wednesday, it may take some time to take reach all Netflix subscribers. Netflix also announced that there would be even more updates in the coming months, but they did not say what or how they would impact the subscriber's experience.

While the new sidebar was a much-needed addition, the Netflix app is still not perfect, but people will still use it because of the content Netflix provides. Many subscribers will be lenient when it comes to design if there's content they want to see. However, it's a good thing to see Netflix attempting to update their TV interface.