In June of 2017, Fred Price Jr. stepped down from his position as pastor of megachurch Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles. The only explanation given was that he had committed serious "personal misjudgments" against God, his family, and his church. His father, Apostle Frederick K.C. Price founded the church and Fred Jr. had run it for eight years. When questioned about why their spiritual leader walked away from his position, members of the church said it was a private matter and the church would go on until their pastor returned. According to The Christian Post, there will be a celebration on Sunday to welcome the preacher back to the pulpit.

A year of silence for Fred Price Jr.

Church leaders told the Christian Post that their pastor did all the right things during his time away from the pulpit. During the past year, he was meeting with church leaders and following the protocol of Crenshaw Christian Center. Price Jr. is said to have been in church every Sunday but did not teach or preach. There was never any official details given as to what type of indiscretion the preacher was guilty of.

When scandals broke with other prominent spiritual leaders, it was always either sexual misconduct, substance abuse, and or mismanagement of money. On the day that Fred Price Jr. resigned, his wife Angel was by his side, but neither of them gave any explanation regarding what had taken place to cause him to give up the church he had pastored for eight years.

Although he is scheduled to return to the pulpit on Sunday, it has never been made clear why the pastor needed an entire year away from his flock.

There will be celebrating on Sunday for pastor Price

Lynn Williams, Crenshaw Christian Center, the pastoral executive assistant told The Christian Post that Sunday would be a day of celebration.

It was Williams who confirmed last June that Fred Price Jr. was stepping down and taking a sabbatical. Although Pastor Price has made no official statement related to his return, he did share a video clip on the church's Facebook page.

The Crenshaw Christian Center Facebook page also welcomes one and all to attend the Sunday celebration at the Faith Dome, to share in their joy of seeing their spiritual leader back in the pulpit.

There are also several other ways to observe pastor Fred Price Jr. preaching for the first time in 12 months. The service can be viewed through Facebook Life, streaming online, Youtube, or the Ever Increasing Faith app.