As a custom, some people drink water only when they are thirsty. Others only drink it in the mornings or at lunch. However, to understand when we must drink water we need to know how our body works.

The first thing to know is that water is not just to quench our thirst. Thirst is a sign that we are dehydrated, according to MensHealth. Dry lips, tiredness, sweat and even headaches are also signs of dehydration. The body has several purification systems. For example, when urinating we eliminate toxins that hurt our body. The same holds for when we are sweating and even crying.

The taste of these fluids is salty and composed of elements that the body must remove to maintain its normal function.

Why get used to drinking water

If we are accustomed to consuming water throughout the day we will be keeping the body's systems in perfect condition. It even helps us to lose weight, Women's Health Mag reports. The intestines, kidneys, and even the brain functions properly when there is enough fluid to purify the system. The water also carries oxygen to our cells. If we wait until we are thirsty before we drink water, it is possible that even if nothing deadly happens to us, the body will not perform its functions perfectly. In addition, by accumulating toxins we can get poor health.

Establishing a rule of how much water we should drink is very complicated. There are people who suffer from illnesses whereby the excess of water, instead of benefiting them, could rather harm them. For example, a renal patient should consult with their doctor about drinking water. If we are healthy we must study our body and determine how much water it needs so that on most days we are not thirsty at any time and are always hydrated.

Withstanding thirst for several hours can be detrimental to the kidneys, and an all-day abstinence is very bad for the whole body. Those who drink only a little water cannot oxygenate the brain properly. Those who practice sports or exercise should drink much more water than sedentary people. Those who practice sports or exercise should drink much more water than sedentary people.

It is usually recommended to drink around eight glasses of water through the day, but if you practice some type of exercise or sport you should measure the need for more hydration. There are people that sweat quite profusely when exercising. In some cases other than water, drinks could be prepared with electrolytes or you could make a lemonade.

Is drinking too much water harmful to your health?

According to an analysis published in the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States (USA), researchers observed with an MRI, the processes that arise in the brain when drinking water that the subject did not want. It proved that the brain activates an "intake inhibition" mechanism, which serves to protect the body from hyperhydration, which can cause potentially dangerous health complications.