The NFL Players' Association does not agree with the new rules of the national anthem since they are not part of the union laws. The players' union expressed its disagreement via Twitter, stating that the new policy was incompatible with collective bargaining in the NFL and not based on respect for established fundamental rights.

NFL players increased protests after criticism from President Trump

The protests originally began in response to continual gun violence, by police, against young black men. According to the new rules, players must show respect for the American flag during the national anthem, and if not, they can be fined.

It is not the first time this has happened. For example, many remember when Colin Kaepernick filed a complaint against the NFL.

The NFL wants to eliminate the protests that began two years ago. They became more common after President Donald Trump criticized the players. "The decision will keep the focus on the game," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. The situation is very tense and a legal battle between the players and the NFL is possible. The NFLPA does not like the new national anthem rule, as it goes against the collective bargaining agreement. The NFLPA has also rejected Mr. Trump's accusation that the protests are unpatriotic.

The NFL players wait for an agreement to be reached

The NFLPA is presenting a complaint on behalf of all players. In addition, the NFLPA said the league also wants to seek a solution before any litigation. Protests began in 2016, when players, led by San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick, held up a fist during the national anthem to draw attention to social and racial issues.

A group of players reached a compromise agreement with the NFL to receive legal assistance and protection. Although not all players agreed, the protests quieted down a bit. For example, no player knelt or protested during the NFL playoffs last season.

Although the protests had diminished at the beginning of 2017, they returned with more force than ever after Trump feuded with NFL players due to protests during the national anthem.

More players immediately began to protest and the movement became a political problem for the league. There are also racial problems since most of the players in the league are African-American

The Wall Street Journal had reported that Trump influenced the NFL to adjust the rules of the national anthem. According to the union statement, the intention is not to have legal problems with the league. The representatives of the NFL and the NFLPA will have to meet until they find a solution to all these problems before something worse happens.