When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot this Saturday, not only will thousands of people be attending, but many more will be watching all across the world. Did you know that millions will also be wagering on what could take place before, during and after the wedding as well? If you are a gambler, you just have to love the UK! Many online sportsbooks have placed odds on the craziest things in the past, and yes, now they have made it possible for folks to wager on the 2018 Royal Wedding as well.

What will they be wearing?

A woman’s wedding day is one of, if not the biggest day of her life.

Many women start dreaming of marrying a prince from early childhood, and for Markle, it is really happening. Picking out the right color or colors for the event is a huge part of the occasion, and the buzz is already out there on what color hat many of the Royal’s will be wearing at the big event.

According to an SI report, Cream or Ivory is the early favorite in the hat department in regards to the Queen at 3/1 odds. Right behind Cream is Blue (4/1), White (5/1) Silver (7/1) and Black at 10/1.

The hats aren’t the only item the public can wager on.

Will Prince Harry have facial hair, or be cleanly shaven? Clean is the favorite at -200, while the Prince sporting a beard is at +150. Also, will Harry be in a regular tailored suit, or sporting his Army uniform?

The Army is the favorite at -1200, while the suit is listed at +600.

I do?

Here is an interesting prop bet. What will the Prince and his future bride-to-be respond with when asked if they take each other in holy matrimony?

The classic “I Do” is the favorite at -7500, while “anything else” is +2500.

While all of the attention will be focused on Harry and Meghan, odds are also being taken on what celebs just may show up.

Online gaming site BetDSI, is taking odds on former President Barack Obama will be at the Saturday nuptials as a guest of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Obama, along with Hillary Clinton, is listed at 3/1. Current President Donald Trump odds have been set at 25/1.

Sure, the hype around the Royal Wedding is overblown, but it isn't for folks who live in the UK and fans of the Royal family.

Personally, I think it is a pretty cool thing. Wagering on it is no different than playing the lottery - it is all a game of chance.

Below are a few more outrageous, yet legitimate, prop bets people are wagering on for the 2018 Royal Wedding.

Origin of wine served at the Royal Wedding

  • California -300
  • British +120
  • Italy +1000
  • France +1500
  • Field (Any other location)+750

What will be the temperature recorded on Royal Wedding day

  • Over 85.5 (-115)
  • Under 85.5 (-115)

Will it rain on Royal Wedding day

  • Yes-225
  • No+165

Theresa May attends Royal Wedding

  • Yes-5000
  • No+1500

Elton John attends Royal Wedding

  • Yes-10000
  • No+2500

Paul McCartney attends Royal Wedding

  • Yes-200
  • No+150