A federal judge in Seattle issued an order to stop the publication of plastic gun designs using a 3D printer. The order, requested by the Attorneys General of eight states and the District of Columbia, prevents Defense Distributors from publishing plastic gun designs on the internet.

3D printed weapon plans violate federal controls

The State Department has argued that allowing the publication of these designs would violate federal controls. However, Trump's management had reached an agreement with the owner of the designs after he sued the State Department for the right to publish them.

In rejection of that agreement, Senate Democrats warned Trump that printed and unregistered guns could end up in the hands of criminals. A printed gun does not require a gun registration and is undetectable from gun detectors.

Under the law, it is illegal to make a plastic gun on a 3D printer, and the administration was complying with this law. The Trump administration should ban the publication of these designs and continue to strive to protect all Americans while supporting the First and Second Amendments. Here are the four most annoying things about the current gun debate.

Other institutions have also made statements in this regard. For example, the National Rifle Association warned that undetectable plastic weapons have been illegal for 30 years.

The federal law passed says it is "illegal to make an undetectable firearm," said Chris W. Cox, director of the National Rifle, in a statement.

Trump has the power to stop this danger

President Trump intervened in the matter on Tuesday (July 31), saying on Twitter that he is analyzing the situation with the publication on the Internet of the plastic gun designs.

According to Trump, it doesn't seem logical. On the order banning the publication of these designs, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said the decision is a victory. "We were asking for a restraining order to end this decision," Ferguson said at a press conference.

Eric Soskin, a lawyer with the US Department of Justice, said he would allow the company to publish the design of the weapons because people similarly buy weapons in stores.

There is also the issue of banning the publication of data on the Internet, as for some this would be like regulating the use of the network.

However, Democrats in Congress have urged Trump to reverse the decision. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal said at a press conference that if Trump does not stop the Defense Distributed plan, he will be guilty of what may happen.

Democrats say Trump has the power to stop this danger. Some Republicans think so too. The purpose of the restraining order is to prevent people with bad intentions from trying to use these designs to avoid gun laws. One gun policy worth mentioning is the Extreme Risk Protection Order signed in Oregon.

The decision is expected to prevent the publication of the weapon designs on the internet, although the order may provoke much debate.