A Marvel fan died while watching the latest feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Joe and Anthony Russo's ''Avengers: Infinity War.'' The statement that ''Avengers: Infinity War'' is seriously affecting Marvel fans has just taken on a tragic new context, with this story of a movie-goer who sadly died during a recent screening of the blockbuster movie at a theater in India.

According to Daily Mail, a 43-year-old man identified as Peddapasupula Baasha, who was a construction worker prior to his demise, went to see the movie at the Cinehub Multiplex, in the town of Proddatur, in southern India.

What really happened?

The Daily Mail, reports that Peddapasupula Baasha was attending the screening, on Tuesday, in celebration of May Day. He was discovered by a theater staff, who initially thought he was patiently waiting for the post-credits scene to finish, but sadly, Peddapasupula was sitting completely still in his seat after the Marvel movie wrapped up viewing.

After the scene had ended, he decided to see why Baash was not moving. He called out to the 43-year-old and got no response. He decided to remove his 3D glasses only to discover that he was dead. There was no pulse and he wasn’t breathing.

The theatre staff decided to call the paramedics, but it was unfortunately too late. The police believe that Baash may have suffered a cardiac arrest during the course of the film which caused his untimely death.

What to know about the ''Avenger: Infinity War'' so far

''Avengers: Infinity War'' is a 2018 superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is the nineteenth film in the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU). Last weekend ''Avengers: Infinity War'' made over $640 million at the global box office—and at least $258 million of that came from domestic theaters, a number that easily beats the previous record holder which was "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." This is relevant for two reasons.

Firstly, that’s a whole lot of money, and second, it means we can finally talk about this movie freely since pretty much anyone who wanted to see it has now done so, apparently.

The ''Avengers: Infinity War'' features Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, and the rest of the Avengers who unite to battle their most powerful enemy yet — the evil Thanos.

Thanos mission is to collect six Infinity Stones, his plan for these artifacts is to inflict his twisted will on reality. The fate of the planet and existence itself has never been more uncertain as everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment. And of course, the Avengers won the fight in the most breathtaking way.