Has your sex life changed? Stress, work, kids, and life itself can create issues between couples. It is important for couples to have intimate time with one another. It helps big time in keeping a relationship working, allowing the both of you to bond more -- and the alone time is much needed.

Natural aphrodisiacs in the home

There are items that are commonly found around the house that are natural aphrodisiacs and you would never know it. Ingesting these food products and herbs could be the key to spicing up your relationship.

Relaxation is the beginning.

Take a shower using a shampoo that contains a natural peppermint oil because the cooling effect it produces helps increase sexual pleasure. You don’t have to stop with just the shampoo. Topical gels and creams are wonderful as well -- just make sure that they do not contain any artificial scents because you will not get the outcome you want.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Pure chocolate is considered to be the king of natural aphrodisiacs for men, according to Newsmax. The chemicals in the chocolate allow the body to relax by sending serotonin to the brain. Another natural chemical in chocolate is phenylethylamine which causes feelings of excitement and enhances sexual desire.

More options

Almonds, cheese, eggs, and honey all contain a chemical -- arginine -- which is an amino acid that helps with erectile dysfunction.

Oysters are nothing new, especially in terms of being an aphrodisiac, but it is a great one for men due to the high amount of zinc they provide.

A heart of an artichoke that contains marinated shrimp stuffed inside will blow a man’s mind away and apparently “warms his testicles” according to Menprovement. This goes along with asparagus.

Asparagus contains a rich amount of Vitamin A, providing a boost in terms of sexual desire. The younger the asparagus, the better the results.

Cinnamon is a spice that is found in most kitchens. This spice is not only an aphrodisiac, but also is used for medical reasons such as fighting colds and aromatherapy. It contains a nutrient -- manganese -- that is essential for those who want a healthy sexual relationship.

So, bake some cinnamon rolls, put a movie on, and cover up. It’s okay if you eat all of them, just make sure you have fun. Expect the most out of the experience you both will have. Relax and allow the natural chemicals in these foods to flow throughout your body.

Will you try any of these?