If you have been following the Duggar family, you should know that they aren’t the biggest supporters of college. Instead, they opt for the option of CollegePlus which is an online schooling system which offers courses in a range of subjects, and it is worth mentioning that CollegePlus is also a Christian organization. The mother of the family (Michelle Duggar) even opened up on her blog about the children and their courses by saying: “A few of our kids are taking courses right now, and I think some of them will go for their degrees in whichever areas they decide.” Well, now fans are thinking that this controversial family has had an impact on their son-in-law ben seewald’s education, and some people aren’t happy at all about it.

What are fans saying about Ben Seewald’s education?

The reason why some fans are thinking that Ben Seewald was not only robbed of his education, but of young adulthood as well, is because he was already in college before apparently leaving early. In fact, he began college but then Duggar spousal and parental responsibilities soon took over, and now, Ben is focused on being a handyman to support his family while also studying to be a pastor.

Some fans even see Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, as everything that Ben Seewald could have been. For instance, Ben said on his Facebook that he is extremely competitive and likes to play sports. The comparisons have been made because Jeremy got to finish school and played soccer professionally before he settled down and got married to his wife, Jinger.

Nonetheless, a few fans believe that Seewald may have just wanted to please this family as the Duggars believe that God wants them to marry and procreate early, so he could have given up his education for his Duggar-related duties.

What is everyone else in the Duggar family up to?

The Duggar family are always in the headlines, and sometimes it is for all the right reasons, and on the other hand, sometimes it is for all the wrong reasons.

For instance, the family recently were in the news as the new season of their TLC family reality television series “Counting On” just began to air very dramatic episodes from its new season. However, with the new episodes coming out, the Duggar family have been very busy with promoting the show, as they even went to Australia to promote it, and, of course, spread the message of their faith. This was when they got the negative press, as Jim Bob made a joke about Jana being single that many fans thought was very offensive and not very funny at all.