Reading might not be the most popular pastime, but there are some who enjoy it -- even listening to books can be fun. Here is a list of books to read over the summer, with the majority of them being of the more obscure variety. Hopefully, they will introduce you to a whole new world that you will love to explore! This is a very brief list, even though there are many books that will take you to fantastical lands and put you in interesting situations as a reader.

'The Giver'

You may be thinking, "'The Giver' is popular, and is a standalone book! What are you thinking?" Here is the surprise: the series has four books to it.

They are called "The Giver," "Gathering Blue," "Messenger," and "Son." All of the books are based on similar communities as "The Giver," just with different characters.

If you have not heard of "The Giver," it is a Book about a community based on sameness. Everyone is the same, the citizens do not see color, they do not understand basic emotions, they all are just the same. When a child turns 12, they go to a ceremony to get their assignments. One by one, each kid gets an assignment, the exception is Jonas. He is chosen as The Reciever of Memories and gets to know everything no one else knows of.

'The Books Of Umber'

This is a series of three books. There is a mysterious boy who does not remember ever having a name, and a mysterious stranger who called the boy Happenstance, leaving him alone in a labyrinth with a large, killer, worm.

A man named Umber finds Happenstance and takes the boy under his wing. Umber attempts to help Happenstance with his past. The only thing is; where did Happenstance come from? Why was he there? Who is the mysterious stranger? All of the answers are inside the books, waiting to be read.

'Wings of Fire'

While this series is moderately popular among children, it is a good series for teenagers and adults alike.

The books are about a group of four young dragons who are rumored to be the only dragons that could stop a war raging among the dragon clans. These young dragons first attempted to find their parents. While some were successful, others were not. The books are currently ongoing and are fairly interesting. As long as you can get past the lower vocabulary of children books, it is a very recommended series.

In conclusion

The books listed above are fairly interesting and are highly recommended for your summer reading list. There are still more interesting books all around about various topics. There are many to find and read. The books mentioned above are all in a series, allowing you to use all of your time to read if you wish. Books tend to help with vocabulary and improve creativity. If you cannot find inspiration for anything, sit down with a good book and brainstorm as you read.