Childbirth can be dangerous for both the mother and the baby. There are numerous medical concerns that must be handled with care. Mothers who have suffered birth injuries may be interested in one mother’s ordeal following her cesarean section.

A mother in Jacksonville, Florida discovered part of a broken Needle in her spine 14 Years after Giving Birth. After enduring the severe pains that the needle brought for years, she finally underwent a CT scan in November 2017, where she discovered that an epidural needle was buried in her spine. The needle was about 3 centimeters long.

Two centimeters of the needle were in the space surrounding her spinal cord, and Mrs. Bright plans on suing the hospital for malpractice.

How did this happen?

Amy Bright, 41, gave birth to her sixth and youngest son Jacob by cesarean section at a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2003. Two months later she started experiencing severe back pain that lasted for a decade. According to Mrs. Bright, the needle had broken off when medical staff at the hospital administered spinal anesthesia during her C-section.

According to People magazine, Bright has suffered nerve damage -- along with back pain -- making it increasingly more difficult to use her left leg and foot. During her search for the cause of her pain, doctors diagnosed her with Sciatica.

She was also given pain killers to alleviate the pain, but it only got worse until she had a scan done that revealed the cause of her pain.

What the future holds for Bright

Removing the needle now could be very dangerous, leaving Bright unsure about her future. Bright explained to People magazine that, “It has gotten to the point where it burns constantly.

And I’m quite scared about my future. I’ll probably end up in a wheelchair.

Bright has also filed a lawsuit against the hospital. She claims the hospital knew about the needle being stuck in her spine but did nothing about it.

The 41-year-old mother will have to rely on pain medication and physical therapy for the rest of her life.

She’s very thankful that her son didn’t suffer any complications and is now a healthy teenager, but claims the hospital has to pay for what they did to her.

The mom of six has also decided not to discuss the ordeal with her kids, noting that her husband is quite upset over the matter. Her husband would support her in making sure that the hospital pays for what they've done to her.

Do you think that Bright will be able to successfully sue?