As a job seeker, landing your Dream Job can be stressful. You’ve spent hours crafting the perfect resume. The format is eye-catching and the wording is practically perfect. But, you’ll need much more than a well-crafted resume, if you want to land that dream job. You have only 10 seconds to make a first impression, and once the interviewer has labeled you as confident, credible or irresolute, appealing or arrogant, it is very difficult to change that opinion.

10 tips to land a dream job

Smile: Nerves can make you look worried or stiff, which creates a bad first impression.

Whereas, a smile is a sign that you’re happy to be there. To help you smile, try to think happy thoughts—for instance, how you’ll celebrate getting the job.

Make a confident entrance: It has been said that the interviewer can tell within the first 10 seconds if you are going to be the best fit for the organization or not. So you need to stand up straight, walk with purpose, and be both professional and welcoming.

Perfect handshake: A handshake is such a simple thing. Yet, if not done properly it has the potential to give the wrong impression. The perfect handshake is given with medium pressure and it exudes confidence.

Make eye contact: Eye contact is an important element of Body Language. It means you are focused on what the other person is saying.

One way to do this properly is by, looking at different features of their face every couple seconds.

Maintain a good posture: While you may think slouching and reducing your frame might make you seem submissive to the interviewer; it only sends a signal of nervousness. Sit up straight and place your hands on your lap and lean in only a little at the waist to show the interviewer that you’re keen and interested.

Don’t cross your arms: Most interviewers believe that when they see crossed arms, it means you’re closed off or possibly uptight. So, don’t give them that signal.

More tips

Voice: To convey confidence, speak in a clear and controlled voice. Vary your tone and pitch without coming across as too excited or emotional.

Be confident: Fake it till you make it.

No matter how close you are to a nervous breakdown, mumbling uncertainly and wringing your hands in anxiety will not portray you in the best light. Speak with assertiveness and exude warmth.

Stand up as soon as you see your interviewer approaching: Do not wait for them to reach you. Standing up to greet someone is a sign of respect and which may earn you some points.

Mirror your interviewer: While the default should be to sit up straight, aligning your body’s position to that of the interviewer’s, known as mirroring, shows admiration and agreement.

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