Political news has taken over the world. The news is being reported at 140 characters at a time via social media. While that can be helpful, it's not necessarily a proper way to stay informed. This leads to the political podcast. Below is my list of the top 10 political podcasts you should be listening to.

10. 'Glenn Beck Program'

The "Glenn Beck Program" is probably one of the most well-known far-right podcasts. It’s a must listen for all things conservative. He appears to have stopped spreading his conspiracy theory ideas around and is working to come together with those on the left and right and discussing relevant issues.

Glenn Beck recently invited Republican Senator Ben Sasse on the show. Sasse sent a letter to his constituents denouncing Trump.

9. 'Joe Rogan Experience'

This is one of the most unique political podcasts out there for the public to hear. The "Joe Rogan Experience" is a podcast mixed with comedy, conversations, deep dives into the issues and concepts. There’s also some whiskey thrown in for good measure. Rogan has invited some hard hitting guests on his show for lengthy talks on a variety of subjects. He has recorded more than 900 episodes. It’s a tough call when it comes to which episode to start with. One of the most popular is the episode with Alex Jones. Rogan goes down the rabbit hole with conspiracy theory expert Alex Joens.

8. 'Politico Nerdcast'

The "Politico Nerdcast" is hosted by Scott Bland, and discusses all things Politics and White House.

The show has a more center feel to it as Bland brings on a variety of guests from both sides of the aisle. Those guests are what makes the podcast so great, they give deep insight into what’s going on in Washington D.C. today.

7. 'The Daily'

"The Daily" is the popular New York Times’ podcast, hosted by Michael Barbaro.

Each episode is approximately 20 minutes and touches on the biggest political news stories of the moment and brings in an experienced reporter to give an in-depth take on those stories. This not really a politically biased podcast, it’s more about presenting the information behind the stories.

6. 'The Federalist'

"The Federalist" podcast is an extension of the online conservative publication.

The podcast is hosted by Ben Domenech and covers a wide range of topics from politics to pop culture, all from a conservative point of view. One of the best episodes so far is the May 12 episode in which co-hosts Mary Katharine Ham and Katherine Magu-Ward dive into the prospects of a Dwayne Johnson presidential run. It’s a podcast for those who are new to the conservative side of things and want a softer tone introduction to different topics.

5. 'Louder with Crowder'

Steven Crowder is a comedic genius when it comes to discussing the latest political issues, whether it’s feminism or Black Lives Matter. Get the censor button ready cause Steven Crowder does not hold back when it comes to offending those who disagree with them.

This has become one of the most politically incorrect shows on the internet.

4. 'The Pollsters'

"The Pollsters" is a weekly podcast hosted by two polling experts Democrat Margie Omero and Conservative Kristen Soltis Anderson. The podcast is a deep dive into the numbers that are driving the week’s biggest stories in tech, news, politics, entertainment and pop culture. They also hold the occasional interview with journalists, fellow pollsters, and other industry experts.

3. 'FiveThirtyEight Politics'

The "FiveThirtyEight" podcast is hosted by Nate Silver and brings you insight and analysis on data-driven journalism. They cover a lot of topics centered around politics. Silver has become one of the most popular podcast hosts out there.

2. 'I’ll Tell You What'

"I’ll Tell You What" is a podcast that was launched by Fox News’ host Dana Perino and Political expert Chris Stirewalt. The weekly podcast dives into the latest issues that are affecting us, whether it’s Donald Trump or some scandal in a local elected official's office. While they discuss the serious issues, they try not to take themselves too seriously and work to inject some humor into their podcast. They are often heard talking about eating wild game meat such as Panda and a wonderful Vizla dog named Jasper.

1. 'The Ben Shapiro Show'

"The Ben Shapiro Show" podcast gives you the hard hitting truth in a conservative and principled fashion. "The Ben Shapiro Show" hosted by Ben Shapiro, delivers all the news you need to know at a fast moving pace every day. Ben Shapiro breaks down the political correctness and never budges.