life happens and furniture, as well as other things around your home, can break or malfunction. If you do not immediately have the funds to replace your Household items, you can use your noodle to be creative. This is especially helpful when you have something in your home that is beloved or holds sentimental value. You can use your wits and find ways to make the problem less noticeable or even fix it. These 5 life hacks can be a quick remedy along with saving you money. Once you get the hang of it, you may find that you prefer to make a way out of no way as opposed to tossing your personal property and replacing it with something brand new.

Knowledge of witty inventions is powerful

In the King James version of the Bible Proverbs 8:12 tell us: "I, wisdom, dwell together with prudence." Some theologians interpret this to mean creative ideas and knowing an alternative plan can be very powerful and also beneficial. The first suggestion is to cover up flaws when possible. You may have somehow scuffed the top of a table, a dresser, or bookcase, but before you throw it away, try covering up the blemish. You can do this by setting a houseplant or a decorative cloth over the imperfection.

The second life hack is for that pesky bookshelf in your home that is loose or keeps tipping over.

Try arranging some of your reading materials underneath that particular shelf so that they reach from top to bottom. If you don't have any books tall enough you can lay a few of them or several magazines flat on the bottom of the bookcase and then stand others on top of them that are tall enough to hold the offending shelf in place.

Lifehack for tension rods, old dishes, and broken items

Life hack number three is for those tension rods that stop working in your bathroom shower. They may be of benefit in a closet to give you extra room for your clothing. Because a closet is smaller there will be more tension on the rod to help keep it in place.

You can also hang curtains on these rods and use them in a smaller space as a room divider. The fourth tip is for making use of old plates, bowls, and plastic containers. They can be used to sit underneath the plants you have in your home, to catch excess water.

The fifth life hack requires some creativity on your part but this will be fun because it involves broken household items. A teacup with a missing handle can be used to grow basil or other herbs that will grow indoors. If a wooden item such as a coaster holder, or a container for remote controls falls apart, and there is a clean break, you might be able to salvage the broken blocks and use them as coasters or put them under leaning cabinets to prop them up until you purchase a new one.

These are but a few ideas, so the next time you are about to throw something away, just come up with your own creative inventiion/witty idea.