For those animal lovers who are fascinated with how animals are treated and dressed. How about following a few on Instagram to help add a smile to your day? There are many animals to follow on Instagram to help make your day start off right

With social media helping and influencing many different types of lifestyles, different types of animals seem to be a trend to follow. Many pet owners spoil their animals beyond belief. Seeing the pictures of the spoiled animal always makes a person smile. Some of these animals have more followers on Instagram than most humans.

While there are many animals possible to follow, I will give you the top 5 to follow.

1)Doug the Pug

Doug the pug has made it to the top with 3.2 million followers on Instagram. He has been able to make friends with a few celebrities such as Meghan Trainor, Justin Bieber, and even John Legend. Doug has many different styles he likes to wear and flaunt for the camera. From bunny rabbit outfits to sniffing a doughnut for breakfast, this pug will for sure catch your eye and a smile.

2) Pumpkin the Raccoon

This raccoon loves to watch TV while cuddling up with her siblings, the dogs. Her owners found her when she fell out of the tree and became an orphan. From eating, getting into mischief, taking a bath, and cuddling with his siblings, this raccoon is sure to catch your eye.

So far, this raccoon has the eye of 1.5 million people.

3) Lil Bub

This kitten has the fountain of youth. She gets to stay a kitten forever. With the start of being the runt of the litter when born in Indiana, she was born with many issues. One is dwarfism and another is osteoporosis. These issues make it hard for her to move around but she remains in the public eye on Instagram with a total of 1.7 million followers.

This special cat has also been able to raise thousands of dollars for many charities.

4) Juniper the fox

Why leave this article for just cats and dogs followed on Instagram when this fox has the eyes of 2.1 million people? At five weeks, this fox was adopted but instead of being tamed, this fox still has the free range of being a wild fox.

Although a handful at times, Juniper loves to cuddle and play with other animals.

5) Grumpy Cat

This cat, known as Tardar Sauce, has the permanent fixture of a pouty face. While suffering from dwarfism and an overbite, this kitty doesn’t let anything make her react differently than any other cat. Instagram offers many photos of this kitten in Easter baskets, in the city, and even Christmas decorations.