The various health benefits of the naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants called cannabidiol (CBD) have been highlighted in recent years. Many households across the United States and in other parts of the world now have CBD-infused products that every member of a family could use, and even our pets can reap the benefits of the miracle compound.

A recent scientific study by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association suggests that there is a huge population of Pet owners who are open to giving their cats or dogs a daily dose of CBD products.

According to the findings, of the 631 respondents, 58.8 percent use CBD oils on their dogs while 13.6 percent no longer use them. The rest of the respondents either don’t own dogs or have never used CBD oils on them before. On the other hand, out of 570 respondents, 11.93 percent say they use CBD oils on their cats and 6.32 percent used to. The rest either don’t own cats or have never used CBD on them.

What do CBD usage results state?

The results suggest that CBD usage in pets is popular as well. The respondents who say they used or are using the products on their pets say they do so as they like that the CBD oils are all natural. As compared to other medications, CBD oils don’t carry any chemicals that could be harmful to dogs.

Moreover, the majority of the respondents also believe that the product is effective than most therapies and medication. There are various benefits that stem from the compound, but for the pet owners, what they are really drawn to are its pain-relieving properties. The products are most especially useful for animals who are going through chronic pain from issues such as arthritis or injuries.

Additionally, CBD oils for pets also help them cope with anxiety and stress. These products are a good supplement for animals during loud occasions such as New Year’s Eve when pets are left shaking due to fireworks. The good thing for pet owners is that, like the supply of CBD products made for human consumption, items that cater to Cats And Dogs come aplenty and of good quality as well.

The industry leader that offers CBD products for everyone

Diamond CBD is one of the prominent names in the distribution of products that are infused with the beneficial and naturally occurring compound of cannabis. With the help of PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTCMKTS: POTN), which owns it, Diamond CBD performs the meticulous process of supercritical CO2 extraction that isolates the compound to come up with pure extracts.

Through its extraction method, Diamond CBD is able to guarantee that their products contain no traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound in cannabis that has psychoactive properties. All their products are also made with organic, non-GMO and natural ingredients so they are completely safe for human and animal consumption.

These extracts are then used to create an array of high-quality CBD products including but not limited to an extensive selection of pet products. Diamond CBD’s MediPets Cbd Oil is formulated in a way to fit the proper CBD dosage depending on the size of the animal. Additionally, Diamond CBD also offers CBD oils for our feline companions, also based on their sizes. Then there are pet foods that come with CBD as well. The Pet CBD Food is designed to be easily added to snacks, treats, and more so that cats and dogs are able to intake the compound easily.

CBD is a compound that has a wide variety of benefits. It should be no surprise that companies are willing to make products that cater to the needs of both humans and animals. The CBD pet products market is lucrative and as long as the demand for these items increases, more companies are going to want to join in on it.