The Pusheen brand led by a bouncing gray tabby Cat, the eponymous Pusheen, is expanding to even greater proportions with its new collaboration with Petco. Petco has developed a collection with the Pusheen team to bring the lovable mascot into homes across the country. These new Pusheen-inspired products have been designed with pets in mind, crafted with prints that liken back to the delightful cartoon cat.

The rise of Pusheen

According to Pusheen’s official blog, the character was created by Pusheen Corp as an animated web comic and has since then grown to a widely-recognized figure throughout the internet.

Although Pusheen had early beginnings around 2010, the tabby achieved internet stardom with the launch of stickers through Facebook in 2013. With Facebook stickers, users since 2013 have been able to express their thoughts through the lovable gray cat, or send them directly to friends through the platform’s messaging system.

Since then, Pusheen has joined the ranks among even the most popular internet felines, including Grumpy Cat and Garfield long before her. It is no surprise that cats are dominating their web sphere with their mood-altering and lovable qualities. The Pusheen brand has expanded to include countless merchandise options, as so many cat lovers have longed to have this cat as their own in some capacity.

Pusheen’s likeness can now be found on clothing in retailers like Primark and official merchandise like stationery, mugs, and plush toys featuring Pusheen and other characters created by the company can be found on online boutique Hey Chickadee. Pusheen also has a monthly subscription service which delivers Pusheen goods and merchandise each season to those who cannot get enough of the gray tabby.

Joining the Petco family

Pusheen’s latest venture involves crafting pet-specific items that animal lovers and their pets can enjoy together. The collection includes cat toys, beds, accessories and more adorned with the sweet face of the internet’s iconic tabby. From the official Petco website, executive vice president Rebecca Frechette stated that "The personality, spirit, and warmth characterized by Pusheen is the perfect setting for a collection that will make playtime memorable for pets and pet parents."

Petco aims to connect pet-owners and their feline companions through the Pusheen the cat collection.

Whether this is from spending time together playing with Pusheen toys, feeding with a bowl fashioned with the cat’s smiling face, or merely spending more time together, both companies hope to bring people and animals together in happiness.

Not only can these new toys and treats enthuse felines everywhere, but cats, in turn, can bring their owners joy. Petco urges those who purchase items from the collection to share pictures of their cats and all of their new adventures inspired by Pusheen through the hashtag #PetcoPusheen across social media platforms.

The collection is now available on Petco’s website and will be available in-store on August 20th. Pusheen, the cat, is an unstoppable force in the retail world because of the tabby’s creatively charming design, but the cartoon has also shown to be within the hearts of cat-lovers and animal enthusiasts alike. This partnership with Petco is another milestone achieved for Pusheen Corp.