Passing your time by seeing and liking others posts doesn’t mean that you are doing all good on your Instagram profile/page. These five tricks will help you benefit from your Instagram profile up to an extent.

1. Switch your Instagram page to private account: People are more interested in seeing posts that you have posted on your Instagram page. For this, they will request to follow you, and most likely this will also secure your account from unwanted viewers.

2. Follow to get followed back: Follow as many people as you can. This will help you bring more followers to your Instagram page.

Thus, this will help you increase your followers.

3. Take your time, grow up your page and start earning on Instagram: Do you know that you can also earn through Instagram? If you want to earn on Instagram, then this would take some time for you to do it. All you have to do is to get a ton of followers (more than 10k), and you should avoid Instagram hacks. Once you have 10k followers on, then other companies would try to reach you so that you can advertise their products on your Instagram page. They will pay you on the basis of the response they get out from their ad (Posted on your page).

4. Like other posts: Liking other people's posts will help you get back likes on your post or more followers.

5. Stay active to get a ton of followers on your Instagram: Yes, try to be serious about this one. Always make sure that you post at least one photo a day or 3 pictures in a week and try to add a story on your Instagram page every day. This will show your followers that you are active on your page and identify if a page is fake or not.


Following the above tricks will simply make your Instagram page responsive and effective. You can earn a ton of bucks through it, and you can also get a chance to collaborate with celebrities and other users. Apart from this, if you have a significant number of followers with a great ratio of likes then estimates the value of your Instagram page.

Yeah, you can trade in your account too.


Apart from some advantages, there are some disadvantages too. For making your page work out. You need to spend time on your page. Without sufficient rate of posts or if there are no photos on your page will only make your Instagram profile go down as compared to other pages.

Clearly, you need to post daily on your Instagram page and with genuine pictures. Go through Instagram's rules and regulations and Algorithms for understanding it in a more better way.