Anyone with an Instagram account knows how complicated it is to deal with the abundant Fake Instagram accounts that often pester or even pose a risk to anyone who believes in their authenticity. Although it is illegal, it is very common to encounter someone who tries to impersonate someone else on social media. And not even celebrities are free from it.

But how do you identify fake Instagram accounts? Are there ways to do this with some level of precision? The good news is yes! It is possible to identify a fake Instagram account and in this article you will get to know How To do this.

Below you will find newbie-friendly tips to know fake Instagram accounts!

Tip one - spam

When an Instagram account repeats the same message over and again, this should raise a red flag that the account is a fake and is mostly used for advertisements. Note that the account repeats comments, links, and even photos on the Instagram app.

The same goes for mentions: if the suspicious user starts to mention you without having any connection or relationship with you, you should become wary of such an account. If you notice that it is a fake Instagram account, block it in time.

Tip two - celebrity accounts

Unlike ordinary accounts, fake celebrity users can be easily identified. That's because their accounts have verification.

That blue stamp that appears next to the photo of very famous companies and celebrities means the account has been verified and this is a true Instagram account!

Tip 3 - do a simple Google search

Did you meet someone on the internet who has everything to be your soul mate but you have this nagging suspicion that the Instagram account could be a fake?

The solution is simple - use the photo the person sends to you as a search on Google and check for more profiles with the same image and if you find one please block such an account immediately.

Another good tip is to ask for webcam access thereby preventing malicious people from having access to your private life. Also be careful about passing sensitive information to someone you do not know well.

Tip 4 - use an app that verifies the regularity of posts and hits

There are applications that crawl an Instagram account to see if it has regular activity or if it has been inactive for a long time. This helps a lot when it comes to figuring out which ones are fake.

Note that not every Instagram account with minimal activity is a fake but it is quite common with fakes as fake accounts often use multiple profiles at the same time. Always be suspicious of accounts with many posts stuffed with links or asking for followers.

Real accounts often tag their friends and are also tagged by them or their family. So, this is one more tip for figuring out whether or not the profile is fake.

Always be careful with information exchange and avoid giving information such as home phone numbers and addresses. Even if social networks are great for meeting new people, you need to exercise caution with people you meet in the virtual world.