Citrus County School District Superintendent Sandra Himmel issued a statement after it was discovered that a teacher was hosting an alleged White Nationalist podcast. Himmel had Human Resources begin an investigation and later discovered the teacher was Dayanna Volitich, who is a social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School.

Podcast was called 'Unapologetic'

According to the Huffington Post, Volitich secretly recorded a controversial white nationalist podcast called "Unapologetic." The podcast was created by someone with the alias of Tiana Dalichov.

Volitich was known to brag about teaching her views to her students. The podcast was uploaded to Her podcast is described as a wild ride discussing a variety of topics. In the first episode, Volitich says Islam is an ideology and that its end goal is the destruction of Western culture.

During the February 26 episode, Volitich had a guest on who said that kids from different parts of the world are supposed to learn the same and have the same IQ. Volitich later said that science has proven that some races are smarter than others. Volitich also agreed with her guest, who said that more white supremacists are needed in public schools, serving as teachers. She later said that it's best if they do it covertly.

School investigating the revelations

During the 2015-2016 school year, the school was made up of 90 percent white students, four percent black students and three percent Hispanic students. School District Director of Educational Services Scott Hebert, says the district is looking into the comments made in the podcast and will determine whether her actions violated district policy or code of ethics.

Herbert later said that her views are not in line with the district's.

Parents have already complained about Volitich's teaching, but she managed to slip by because she lied to the principal. In the beginning, it was unclear whether Volitich was Dalichov, but after comparing records from social media accounts, such as photos, employment background, and history, they discovered they were the same person.

Volitich has since scrubbed all her previous online activity. Volitich has not said anything about the incident or her teaching methods to anyone. While the district continues to investigate, it's unclear what they will do once they are done with their investigation. The school itself has also not said anything about the incident or Volitich herself.