There is one accessory most Female royals always carry -- a hand or small clutch bag that coordinates perfectly with their dress. These handbags are not just for fashion; rather, they serve a practical function for these female royals. There are secret codes behind Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Diana, and Duchess Kate’s handbags. Here are the functions of the little handbags carried by these three notable female royals.

The Queen’s discreet signal handbag

The Queen’s handbag is her steadfast sartorial signature. You rarely see her without it. Surprisingly, many do not know that her patent top handle bag isn’t just for fashion.

The Queen’s personal bag is used to send secret signals to her staff. If she places her bag on the table at dinner, she is indirectly signaling that she wants the event to end in the next five minutes. If she puts her handbag on the floor, it signals that she is not enjoying the conversation and wants to be rescued. The Queen carries her handbag over her left arm, but when she indirectly moves it over to her right arm, it means she wants the conversation to be concluded. However, since the Queen's handbag secret codes are known by the public, the secret signals may be changed.

Lady Diana’s cleavage bag

Princess Diana’s clutch bag served a double purpose for the image-conscious princess. Whenever she wore a low cut dress showing her cleavage to an event, she often placed her purse up to her chest to avoid exposing her cleavage for overly revealing pictures.

Her clutch bag frustrated photographers for years. Lady Diana’s fashion designer, Anya Hindmarch, revealed in an interview with the Telegraph that Princess Diana always referred to her little satin clutch bags as “Cleavage Bags," adding that she was a very loyal and interesting customer.

Duchess Kate’s purse code

A clutch bag is one of the things we have gotten used to seeing as part of Duchess Kate’s outfits since she officially joined the Royal family.

The things contained in her bag shouldn’t be what we should be concerned about. The function is actually what matters now. This is because it is generally known that Kate’s assistant carries any necessities she may need. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, often holds her purse with both hands in front of her. Its primary function is what many do not know. She strategically holds her purse with two hands in order to prevent awkward handshakes at public events.