I remember a couple years ago, hip-hop/rap was just becoming popular with Drake and Eminem really the only major rap artists that people knew about. Fast forward to where we are now in 2018, hip-hop/rap is one of the most popular genres of music and it may even be the most popular genre of music. We've got more than Drake and Eminem now. We have Post Malone, Migos, Travis Scott and so many others.

Due to the emergence of hip-hop/rap, it has gotten many people to create their own songs. Some athletes that have released their own song, mixtape or album include Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, Steelers RB Le'Von Bell, and Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman There's one in particular you probably haven't heard of, and that is Nick Gordon who goes by the name "G Cinco.


About Nick 'G Cinco' Gordon

Nick Gordon is a professional Baseball Player for the Minnesota Twins. He was drafted 5th overall in 2014 and received a $3,851,000 signing bonus which made him forego his commitment to play college baseball for Florida State. Playing in the minor leagues since 2014, Nick is expected to make his major league debut sometime in 2018. Nick is the half brother of Mariners CF Dee Gordon who were born to different mothers but have the same father in Tom Gordon -- who was a major league pitcher. Nick plays middle infield like Dee used to before he converted to an OF since he got traded this offseason. Also like his half brother, he's a very fast runner, although he isn't quite as fast as Dee is.

Music career

Nick Gordon released his first song in November called "I'm The Man" which was directed by Ghost. In the video, he and some of his "crew" are seen wearing baseball jerseys. One of them is wearing Nick's Futures game jersey from last year during the all-star week which he took part in. USA can be seen across the orange jersey.

Another jersey that is worn by one of the guys is a Marlins jersey. Another one of the guys can be seen wearing a Phillies jersey. "I'm The Man" has reached over 23,000 views on YouTube.

Two days ago, he released another song with a music video called "Big Checks" which is also directed by Ghost. This time he is seen wearing a Mariners Gordon jersey which is his half brothers' current team.

In the music video, he can be seen holding and throwing a ton of money with his squad and driving around in his Lamborghini.

Another song that he has a music video for is called "I Do It All" which is directed by Ghost as well. "I Do It All" is also the name of his album which can be found on iTunes and is being sold for $0.99.

Gordon can hit, run, field, and rap. He truly is a man that can say "I do it all."