According to a recent study in the sport and fitness area, Jumping Rope is one of completest exercises. This fact is not only about the physical benefits it brings, but also the mental ones. For example, it has been proven that people who Jump Rope often have better coordination and are less prone to suffer mental illness.

Besides the health benefits, other considerations exist that make this Physical Activity very useful in comparison with other sports. In this article, we will see some benefits of jumping rope and how this could help people to have better lives when it is combined with healthy habits.

Stay in shape and save money

Jumping rope is an activity that is at a hand's reach of everybody. Performing this exercise does not need high investments; people can find a jump rope in sports stores for really low prices and, the best of all of this is that it will last a long time until they have to buy a new one. On the other hand, those who decide to start training this sport do not need to be concerned about expensive gym memberships because it can be performed almost everywhere for free.

Burn a bunch of calories in short time

The time is a valuable thing that many people do not have, making it hard for them to be in good shape and healthy. A study published by the Korean Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine showed the existing relationship between long working hours and obesity in working adults: it concluded that working long hours besides of increasing the stress levels, also prevents the physical activity development which is essential to avoid overweight and obesity.

Jumping rope appears as an alternative for those who spend long hours in their jobs because it only needs to be performed during a couple of minutes to have a positive effect on the body; training 30 minutes at moderate intensity can make someone burns 300 calories or more. However, it is necessary to consider that also adequate nutrition is required if the goal is to lose weight or keep in shape.

Building muscle by rope jumping

Jumping rope is not only a calories burner but also a good way to build lean muscle mass. The reason is that while people perform this exercise, almost all the muscles of the body are involved, which, along with a good alimentation regime, can help to gain muscular mass. Currently, people also can find heavy jump ropes that are more useful than the regular ones for both gaining muscle and burning calories.