YouTube is the income source for lots of people around the globe. Many people earn millions of dollars only from YouTube, but it is not as easy as it seems. YouTube is a free platform to earn money, but its competition has been increasing for a couple of years. I started my YouTube channel eight months ago, and now I have achieved nearly half a million views, but like I said in my last article, I did not make it my first priority.

Free tips to grow your YouTube channel

The first thing you should always keep in mind is never let yourself be totally dependent on YouTube.

It can kick you out at any moment if you make a mistake, and you will never get a second chance. First, let me give you a very simple example which can help you to understand what YouTube is.

YouTube is a free video sharing platform where anyone can watch and share videos. An individual is also allowed to monetize content after passing some milestones, which YouTube has recently set up. Over the past 8 months, YouTube changed its policies and services. Due to an excessive amount of bad videos, now it is not that easy to get your channel monetized. You must have 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of viewing time and 10,000 total channel views before sending a request for monetization.

Have some patience

I got my first 10,000 views after 3 months of posting videos on YouTube. But, I was lucky because YouTube was not as strict at that time. You have two options to carve out your place on this platform. First, if you have enough money to spend on the promotion of your YouTube channel, you can gain views, but you need good, professional content for that.

The second option is just to have some patience. In my experience, YouTube promotes quality content from its creators. In that case, you need to do a lot of research to check what your audience likes to see. I can say that I was lucky to have one video which lifted my channel from 50 subscribers to 500 subscribers in just a week.

It happened only because my content was unique and audience-friendly.

So, in starting, you should only post content which has not been published on YouTube before, because unique, quality content always gets the first priority on YouTube. With some patience and thorough research, you can easily create a successful channel on YouTube.

I have attached my first video on YouTube which hit 100k views in just 2 days. You are welcome to ask any questions related to the topic, and I will try to help you.