"Rick and Morty" is a show that has shaken the animated television show loving populace by a huge sweep, claiming the hearts and minds of many. People across all ages have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with the show, and its popularity and virality have grown to such heights that veteran "Rick and Morty" fanatics make it a point to showcase it as a “must watch” show. We’d seriously be surprised if we did find anyone who hasn’t got a clue as to what "Rick and Morty" is all about. It’s seriously everywhere, and everyone is talking about it, even in its hiatus.

The show of the decade

The proud winner of The Critic’s Choice Award, "Rick and Morty" has formally proven itself to be the best show out there. Even with its delays and unforeseen hiccups, the show’s creators never fail to deliver what could easily be compared to some of the best-animated television shows ever created. It is safe to say that "Rick and Morty", as a show, and as a brand will go down in history as one of the very best.

The "Rick and Morty" fandom is something else, entirely. Fanatics would go to any length to prove their loyalty and love for the show, its characters, and its creators.

Their love being displayed in various means and artforms, both static and dynamic, is all to behold. One such fanatic has gone out of their way to ease the hearts of all the fandom that are patiently continuing to wait for the upcoming season, in a way that combines both the unthinkable and the unimaginable.

Fan tribute took up a notch

YouTube user “tiarawhy” did something so bespoke around late October last year, that it has left the fandom wanting for more. A full length, crowd-funded animation, that spans over a little less than 5 minutes, and flawlessly captures all the elements of the show. You’ll really have to see it to believe it.

Took us a good while to actually believe it was fanmade.

The animation titled “Rick and Morty - The Delicious Taste of Ice Cream” is one incredibly crafted emotional rollercoaster, which features Rick, Morty, a bunch of Morty’s from the Pocket Morty’s game, and special appearances from the likes of Ford Pines from Gravity Falls. For a fan made animation, this is very much like what the show's creators would do themselves.

The animation itself revolves around Rick and Morty making a stop at Butthole Ice Cream (as seen in the episode Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate) for some, well, ice cream. The conversation that ensues is the silliest and incredibly hilarious and revolves around ice cream.

As the camera pans back and forth between Rick and Morty, a fine showcase and recap of prominent characters and easter eggs are seen, filling the void that was left after the end of the previous season. The ending, however, has a horrid twist to everything, and we aren’t going to be the ones to spoil it for you.

Tiarawhy has expertly executed their work by salvaging audio for the animation from Pocket Morty’s, Virtual Rickality, and DoTA sound pack. There are absolutely no glitches in the audio whatsoever, flawlessly blending in with the video, making it a work of art. The video is embedded above for you to watch it in its entirety, and we sincerely hope this gets featured in the upcoming season, along with Tiarawhy making it into the official animation team.