Wubbalubbadubdub! It’s "Rick and Morty" time! Our beloved animation television show has spiraled into infinite popularity and success ever since the premiere of its first episode. The fandom is ever growing, and it won’t come as a surprise if this happens to be one of the most watched animation television shows amongst kids, adults, and humans of all ages.

The "Rick and Morty" franchise has gathered an incredible amount of traction over its past two seasons and it’s needless to say that the one of surprise release of the third installment premiere has only added to the momentum of growth of the fan base.

There have been innumerable fan tributes and responses since Rick Sanchez’s dramatic and heroic escape from prison, and fans cannot wait to know what otherworldly shenanigans await them.

What we’ve been building this up for

Adult Swim has and is continuing to do it’s ample bit as far as keeping the fan base engaged is concerned. New trailers, 8-bit renditions, musical covers from across C-137, fan art, behind the scenes clips, co creators having a little fun while hard at work, you name it. Adult Swim even launched a game based on "Rick and Morty" called Pocket Morty’s for iOS and Android, which has kept the fans, in a manner of speaking, busy and occupied from the obvious endless wait for the new episodes.

Adult Swim seems to have upped their game like no other animated television show franchise ever has. Their team, along with the designers and animation team of "Rick and Morty" have created something so outlandish and spectacular, that it is sure to blow your minds. Behold, the Rick and Morty Rickstaverse!

Take me to the Rickstaverse

"Rick and Morty Rickstaverse" is a game based on the show, and it’s concept is like none other, and fresh off the block. While almost all animation show based games come in the form of interactive executable files for multiple platforms, Rick and Morty Rickstaverse has broken the stereotype by deploying itself on one of the biggest and fastest growing social networking and online marketing platforms, Instagram.

“How do you play a game on instagram? That’s silly!”, you say? Well you’re about to have your mind thoroughly blown.

Taking a first glance at the Instagram page @rickandmortyrickstaverse, you see the "Rick and Morty" universe from outer space in the form of one huge canvas comprising of 24 neatly illustrated and aligned posts. No big deal, huh? Wrong! This is where the madness begins.

Each prominent planet and character on this canvas when tapped on takes us to the post, which in turn has tags on them, further leading us to another account, which is an up close and personal view of what we clicked, with all its intricacies and inhabitants. The same said walkthrough applies for this account as well, and further.

Follow the tags and who knows where it might lead you.

To make it more interesting, there are hidden collectibles in the form of Garblovian Bootleggers, and little games on Jerry Smith called Jerrygotchi. There are three of them to be exact. The game and universe are limited to the storyline that has been revealed as of now and will expand further as new episodes are released. Go on, amuse yourselves!