Art is one word that spans a plethora of forms and mediums. Aural, Visual, Static, or Dynamic, the properties of what art was, is and could be has evolved along with the human species. Re-imagining the old to constructing the present, to laying the bricks of foundation for what the mind will conceive as art in the future, artists across the globe have incorporated artforms in their lives as an efficient means of self-expression, which is unrestricted and boundless beyond any language known to the humankind. Amidst all the forms of art that are known to us today, psychedelic art is one such artform which is peculiar in its own manner.

Human-kind for as long as it has walked the earth has left its footprints and messages in the form of art under the influence of Psychoactive Substances. Many even debate for this to unlock hidden potential within oneself, unrealized, untapped, but beaming with genuine and inexhaustible effort. Even today, a lot of visual art that may seem obscure or out of this world usually has some link to the use of psychoactive substances as a stimulant and catalyst in the conceiving of the final result. Beknown to all of the fandom, Adult Swim’s Critic Choice Award-winning hit animated television show, "Rick and Morty", falls under this category.

What was in the vial, Rick?

The co-creators of "Rick and Morty", Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have provided ample references to psychoactive substances in episodes that span across the three seasons, so much that there was a whole promo video which features "Rick and Morty" experiencing an LSD induced trip.

Visual artists and illustrators across the globe have paid homage and expressed their gratitude to the show through various forms of visual art, some of which looks as though it were made under the influence of psychoactive inebriants. We’ve put together a list just to show how immensely talented the artistic fandom of the show is.

Letting imagination be free


Starting the list off with this masterpiece of an episode where Jerry and Rick actually bond in The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy. The art seems like it has been inspired by the infamous Alex Grey.


This fan-art seems to have a lot of twisted shenanigans going on.


Another fan-art by Gibsonrazorgirl.


This very obscure rendition of Rick and Morty meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


Psychedelia is incomplete without mandalas and mandelbrot.


Snuffles, everywhere. If Dog’s world by Justin Roiland would have been brought to fruition, this might have been the result.


An absolute masterpiece that captures the very essence of the show, also paying homage to Goodbye Moonmen.


Season 3 in a nutshell, don’t you think? Absolutely stunning poster material right here.


Incredibly detailed and grotesque to say the least. The Chicken McNuggets do oddly resemble Cromulons.


Another from the same artist, this time with our beloved Mister Poopybutthole.


Here’s Lawyer Morty in a crossover rendition between Rick and Morty and They Live.


Multiverses and Miniverses, all in one.


Rick seems to have dozed off and left Morty to his peril.


This pretty much resembles Toxic gunk Rick and Morty minus all the Green.


Just the most iconic grandpa-grandson duo ever.


Signing off with this gorgeous work of art encapsulating within itself the entirety of the "Rick and Morty" multiverse.