March 17th is St Patrick's Day and a Great Day for everyone, even if you are not Irish. All over the world people will be wearing green, talking about leprechauns, using shamrocks, and drinking beer. One of the ways many will be observing the occasion is by drinking a brewsky that is green in color. You can celebrate by making your own green beer at home. It's really simple and easy and saves you from waiting for an expensive drink in an overcrowded bar. There are only three ingredients that are needed, along with a few moments of your time: a light-colored brew, green food coloring, and a pint glass.

You can also make colored punch for the children.

Making your own green beer is easy

To get started, put 3-5 drops of green food coloring into a pint glass. In order to do it correctly, it is important to put the dye in first before you add the beer. Be sure to use the liquid brand that can be squeezed out. If you are thinking about mixing blue and yellow food coloring together, then you should rethink the idea. Combining these two hues will more than likely give you turquoise.

Be sure to use a light-hued or pale beer so that the color will be more vibrant. You can also add more dye to ensure the brightest green. Slowly pour the beer into the glass and watch as it mixes with the food coloring.

Now you have a great St. Patrick's Day drink. You have done it on your own and did not have to stand in line or pay for an expensive brewsky at a pub or bar.

Make the children a green St. Paddy's Day punch

The children can join in the fun with a non-alcoholic punch for St.

Paddy's Day. All you have to do is add the green food coloring to ginger ale, Sprite, sparkling water, or 7-Up. This way the young ones will be able to be part of the festivities. Bring out your favorite snacks and make it a party. If you don't have the glass mugs with the handles, they can be purchased at the Dollar Tree.

You might also find them in a thrift store.

Consider having green icing on a cake or cupcakes. You can also find green cookies and other products in the grocery store. Another idea you may also want to try out is partaking in an authentic Irish dish. Chips and pretzels are always great to have on hand for any occasion. The goal is to have fun and enjoy St. Patrick's Day by having something to eat with your green drink. Just remember, if you do drink beer on this day, be safe and do not drive. Make it a great day for all involved, and remember to say, "Cheers."