Easter is right around the corner and everybody is getting ready to celebrate the holiday with their families. The Vatican is raising their gates and is preparing for more security. Catholics all around the World are ready to start eating meat again on Fridays. Easter is coming and the world is celebrating in their own unique ways.

Traditions in Europe

Rome and The Vatican are known as the holy city or the eternal city. People all across Europe come here to celebrate Easter with native Italians and the Pope. Starting the Monday of Holy Week, the Pope takes the chance to clean the feet of 12 men in memory of how Jesus cleaned the feet of his apostles.

That Friday, also known as Good Friday, the Pope attends the Cross procession at the Colosseum in memory of how Jesus carried his cross to his death. On Easter day the Pope also preaches to thousands of people gathered at the Vatican.

In Germany, people take hollowed out eggs and decorate trees with them.They also hold Easter festivals which are similar to a big carnival. In Greece, families enjoy an entire roasted lamb for dinner. The people of Spain like to dress in white robes and take part in cross processions. Many countries in Europe also celebrate by hosting a public bonfire also called Easter fires.

USA and UK

According to The Telegraph, in the United States, Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays just as it is in Europe.

A well-known tradition is the annual Easter Egg roll hosted at the White House. The event gets broadcasted on TV throughout the country. In New York City an annual parade is held where people create and wear over the top hats.

A second tradition in the US is a game played by tapping hard-boiled eggs against each other to see who has the strongest egg.

This tradition originated in Europe and is still played at family gatherings.

In the UK an egg launching competition is held every year. This involves participants taking a hard-boiled egg and using a launcher to project their egg into an open field. The egg that launches the farthest is the winner of the competition.

South America and Asia

Some of the most bloody traditions are held within the Filipino culture. The people of the Philippines take part in a religious week of penance leading up to Easter day. They believe the penance will cleanse them of their sins.

In Columbia, the traditional Easter snack is an iguana. Instead of diving into something sweet Colombians like to enjoy exotic animals for dinner. They also travel far distances for the entire family to get together and celebrate the holiday.

Easter is a family holiday that many people all around the world love. How do you celebrate this holiday and what are some traditions your family has?